More Øre land

When I visited the local history group of seniors in Bjugn now a couple of years back, the story Arvid Jåma, reindeer herder of Fovsen Njaarke, southern Fosen told me was confirmed.  Ørland was a reindeer herding area until the 1920s, when it became illegal. Some of the old men were old enough to remember when they came in during winter season. The herders used to stay in what today is the airport area.

People tend to forget that 100 years ago, a big portion of the Ørland still were marsh lands. I told my mothers cousin about the herding, and he did n ´t believe, since he never heard about it.  But later he got to read the autobiographical notes of teacher Meldal who came to Ørland early that century. He married my great grandfathers sister – who died shortly after giving birth, by tuberculosis. He wrote vividly about the reindeers and the herding.

Today you find that one of the places close to the airport has the name Kottmyran. Kott comes from the saami word Gåetie: turf hut. The marshland with turf huts. Traditional housing for seasonal living.

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